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May 27, 2012


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End Run | Round 3 ~Update for Rogues~

Journal Entry: Sun May 27, 2012, 9:03 PM


New update on 1/6!
Check out the :star:s for updated clarifications if you have/are deciding to join the Rogues! Especially if you wanna do your R3 right~

We have created a Google Document so Soldiers can write down which pokemon they are using for Round 3. You can also indicate yourself there if you've decided to join the Rogues! (found…

Intro Movie

End Run - Round 3 by Minister-of-Defense



"The tides of the war have changed.

The first battle has passed, and out of the ashes Kanto has risen as the victor. Now the violence has found itself on the shores of Johto, and Kanto has taken the heart of the other region--Ecruteak is now in red hands. With the technology from Unova, it now seems impossible for Kanto to lose their edge.   The technology of Unova--the Electromagnetic Pulse machine, or EMP--is set to emit a pulse that could lock Johto pokeballs shut. Since Johto and Kanto pokeballs are different models, Kanto pokeballs would still be fully functional.  Without access to most of their pokemon, Johto's outlook is very bleak...

However, dissonance echoes beneath the waves of the war, and a new group has stepped into the light out of the shadows.

The technology so hard fought and won has fallen into the hands of rogues. His voice, the voice of mystery, sends out a message across the land to announce the rise of the rebels. The technology of Unova--the Electromagnetic Pulse machine--that Kanto had settled upon the Brass Tower as the crown of their victory, now rests in the hacker's hands. Pokeballs shut, down, and all of the precious balls of the army are locked down. Everyone is left with only one Pokemon.

And in this moment of confusion and surprise, Kanto's darling general turns her sights to a new future with pokemon, and a new colour to call her own--Brigadier General Jane Delancy announces her affiliation with this ragtag group. She is not alone--the enigma of Kanto's minister too has turned her back from her country to the new mission and calling. For those of you who are doubting, who are wondering if this is right--the minister’s voice calls out to you and only you because of your uncertainty (it rattles and echoes in your mind, a telepathic siren's call)... Join Jane, Liz, herself--they will provide you new monsters to help you end this war and sabotage both Johto and Kanto...

It is not the rules of the game that have changed, but the game itself."


Kanto requirements:
:bulletred:*Attack Rogues*
:bulletred:*Attack Johto forces*
:bulletred:*Only the use of one pokemon in this round. This is the pokemon your character had out before the EMP came into effect*
-Navy: Attack Ecruteak from the river and use amphibious force.
-Airforce: Attack Ecruteak City to support the Navy, or assist the Army in sweeping the Tower.
-Army: Claim the tower from both Johto troops and the rogues.

Johto Requirements:
:bulletblue:*Defend Ecutreck*
:bulletblue:*Attack Rogues*
:bulletblue:*Only the use of one pokemon in this round. This is the pokemon your character had out before the EMP came into effect*
- Navy: A river runs through Ecruteak, however forces will be amphibious.
- Airforce: Defend Ecruteak from the skies, and punt those Kanto pigeons away from your lovely tower.
- Army: Protect the Tower from Kanto, while trying to gain original control over it from the Rogues.

Rogue Requirements:
:bulletgreen:*Defend Selves/Tower and retrieve as much equipment as possible, particularly of the EMP*
:bulletgreen:* Rogues can be sabotaging equipment, stealing pokemon, commandeering equipment. They are to prove themselves to the Rogue leaders of their alliance*
:bulletgreen: :star: *Rogues try not to kill or use deadly force.  It rather goes against their ideals and prerogative.*
:bulletgreen: :star: *Rogues cannot take prisoners, because they have nowhere to put them!*
:bulletgreen:*Show character development/reasoning for defecting*
:bulletgreen:*Only the use of one pokemon in this round plus a pokemon provided by the Rogue generals.* So yes, you can have 4 Pokemon now if you join the rogues!
- Benefits for joining the Rogues
   - Pokemon from list can be used in addition to the one pokemon your soldier has out (aka the 4th Pokemon you can get must be one from the list)
   -Future Pokemon:

:bulletgreen: :star: Additional Set-up Information for Rogues :star:
:bulletgreen: :star: When Jane makes her speech, your characters make the decision whether or not to join.  Then, others that she’d already gathered into her underground movement would be stating the goal/mission to take the EMP technology without killing people from either side.  None of your characters can be rogue before Jane makes her announcement.
:bulletgreen: :star: You get your new pokemon from Rogue Generals or nameless NPC Rouges (you can make them look however you want) that are already part of the underground movement.  They are giving out the store of extra pokemon Jane’s been amassing/training based on telepathic feedback from one very powerful psychic pokemon.  Hidden away, that psychic pokemon can tell if your character really wants to be Rogue or not.    These pokemon were brought up being cared for nicely by humans, believe in the cause for pokemon-human friendship, and will take orders readily.


Armor (if needed)
Rogue Pokeballs:
Rogue App:
Rogue App BLANK:
Bomber plane (coming soon)

Due: June 24th 8:00pm EST

First page / Main entry to be submitted here: end-run--pokemon-oct.deviantar…
All other pages submitted here: end-run--pokemon-oct.deviantar…

A one week extension puzzle will be provided before the deadline.


• I can't do this alone! Do I need to team up? Can I have a commanding officer?
- There is no doubt this round is wrapped in chaos. You are welcome to team up again, or have Malcom, James or another commanding officer to give your character instructions. In addition the Brigadier factions will be on the field, and can provide direction.

• Are the pokemon on that list exclusive to the Rogues?
- All pokemon will become available to everyone at some point. However rogues get first dibs this time around.

• How much of this must I show in my entry?
- You can start anywhere in the entry, so long as it shows your character’s participation in the battle at some point.

• What is the new page/panel limit?
- There will be no limit. However we encourage people to monitor their time closely if planned to do a larger entry.

• What mediums can I use?
- This is open to all artistic media. If you are using your artist comments to explain illustrations, please keep it under 500 words.

• What is the aftermath of this round?
- You are welcome to illustrate the ending of the round, or leave it undecided.

• Can my character be taken as a POW?
- Yes, this can be the outcome of your entry.

• Can the tower be destroyed in my entry?
- The outcome of the tower is up to you.

• How large is the Rogue party?
The rogue party is the smallest, with member of mixed experience. Inside Ecruteck there is 50 members.

:star: • Can Rogues take prisoners?  If I'm a Rogue, can I take another character prisoner?  If I'm Kanto or Johto, can I become a prisoner or a Rouge?
-No! The Rogues have no facilities for P.O.W.s!  It would be foolish to take prisoners.   Rogues are concentrated on moving quickly.

• How large are Johto’s forces at Ecruteak?
A majority of Johto’s forces are army forces, with a few factions of Navy and Airforce. There are about 20,000 members.

• How large are Kanto’s forces at Ecruteak?
A majority of Kanto’s forces are army forces, with a few factions of Navy and Airforce. There are about 30,000 members.

• How long does this battle take place?
- This can be up to you. The battle will last at least a day.

•Can I make a Rogue NPC?
- Yes! However there are no strict factions (Navy, Airforce, Army) so their role is up to you. Please use the black app form for NPC apps as always!

:star: •If my character did not pass the previous rounds, can I re-enter the contest by joining the Rogues?
-No! That wouldn't be fair!

:star: •If my character has been an NPC all along, does making them into a Rogue put me in the main contest?
-Nope again!  

:star: • Does my Rogue NPC get a new pokemon?
No, that wouldn't be fair either.  The Rogues are minimally funded and only have enough pokemon to give to those that are directly involved with this mission.   Only those Rogues still in the main contest get a new pokemon for this mission.   Basically, the extra pokemon are an incentive/reward to those contestants that have to do the extra storytelling work required of being a rogue.   

• How well known are the Rogues?
- This should be your character’s first time hearing of the Rogues. Up to this point they have been quietly building their forces.

•Well my character isn’t joining the Rogues and has more than one pokémon out! So do I get to use both/all three?
No. You must choose one pokemon for your Soldier to use for the Round.

• What craft can my characters use?
Kanto and Johto forces can use:
Airforce - Spitfire, Hellcat, or Bomber
Navy - Small personal ships (3-5 people per ship) or Row boats
Army - Jeeps

Rogue forces will have to commandeer any crafts they want to use.

• I'm still confused about the introduction of this round. I need a breakdown
Here you go:…

• Wait, did I hear them say Ecruteak is in Kanto?
No, that's an error on our part. The battle will take place in Ecruteak, Johto.

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Gnomes2169 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Student Writer
Query, are you allowed to make a PC if you are joining the rogues? (I wasn't around when this started, so I'm just wondering if this is a chance to make someone special)
TheTimePolice Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I'm not sure I understand your question, what is a PC?
Gnomes2169 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012  Student Writer
One of the six-pokemon trainer sheets.
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Mmm well there is only three sheets and at this time only the black NPC sheet is available.
Gnomes2169 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012  Student Writer
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hey guys, was there another radio thing from mr ' ive got glasses and i laugh evilly when sending a peaceful messages' guy? i hesrd him say that there was a previous one, but i cannae find it lol
TheTimePolice Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Perhaps you mean this? :0
catandcrown Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i think i dooo!
TheTimePolice Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
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